Joe Scurfield's Tune Bank

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Joe Scurfield, the fiddler, left behind 13 C90 audio cassettes which were very rough recordings (usually at his kitchen table) of pretty much all the tunes that he'd learned from discs, people at sessions, or wherever a folkie fiddler finds such things. This bunch of cassettes he called his 'Tune Bank' and he tried to play along with all the tapes at least once a year to refresh his memory stock of tunes. It must have worked as he was rarely short of a tune to play.

When he got a new tune he'd click the cassette recorder on and play the tune twice through. there are notes that go with the tapes explaining what info he had and from whom the tune was learned (the amount of info varies).

This website is a little tribute from Joe's friends to share this bunch of tunes that he gathered. It's in it's early stages and will be smartened up and added to gradually as the pieces are all chopped from very large WAV files into individually named tunes. He left a notebook with the tapes so we think we have names for most of the tunes. Most recordings start with Joe's voice saying the name of the tune but he neglected to allow the cassette player to gather full speed before speaking so there's quite a lot of "...'s Polska" and "...ny's jig"'' Such is the primitive folk process of ethnic field recordings in Wellesley tce, Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1990s.

The website will also grow over time with some other pictures and stories from friends who travelled and played music with Joe.

Enjoy the memories and keep the tunes alive by learning a couple of them!